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Time Locked: Temporal Prison

August 05, 20232 min read

Dear Reader:

Time locking is a tragedy. It holds us back, prevents us from truly growing, and is difficult to stop.

But what is it?

We often find ourselves trapped in moments of our past, unable to move forward, tethered to memories, experiences, or perceptions. And sometimes, it's not just our own doing; others can anchor us to outdated versions of ourselves.

First, let's talk about self-imposed (or internal) time locks. Many of us seem to be mentally frozen at a particular age.

Close your eyes, and who do you see?

For a surprising number, it's a 17-year-old version of themselves.

It's no wonder then that so many adults, regardless of their biological age, are stuck in a high school mindset. They recount tales of yesteryears, display bouts of immaturity, and often, their behavior mirrors that of their younger selves.


Perhaps it's because they ceased to learn and grow, becoming trapped in a time they remember most vividly. Sometimes it has to do with a traumatic event that they never fully processed. But, no matter the validity of the reasoning, a time lock is a clear and major setback in our development.

Socrates once said, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Could it be that these individuals stopped examining, stopped questioning, and thus, stopped evolving?


There is also outside (or external) time locking, the labels and perceptions others impose upon us.

To some, you might forever be the mischievous kid from next door, the rookie they once trained, or even a younger sibling.

These external locks are often harder to break, not because they're stronger, but because they're reinforced by others, and many of us attribute our self worth to our position amongst peers.

Confucius wisely noted (supposedly), "We must each find our own way. If we follow someone else's path, we are not going to realize our potential."

So, when others try to define us by our past, it's essential to remember that our journey is ours alone.

In that way, we can begin to break free.

Marcus Aurelius, wrote in his Meditations, "You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

This sentiment is a powerful reminder that while we can't control others' perceptions, we can control our reactions and our self-perception.

So, where does this leave me?

I think recognizing these time locks, both self-imposed and external, is the first step.

Breaking free requires introspection, growth, and sometimes, a gentle reminder that we are not bound by the past, but rather, informed by it.

To true freedom...

Deo volente.

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