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Why Are We Even Here?

August 03, 20231 min read

Dear Reader:

Here's a thought that's been nagging at me: Why are we here? It's a heavy question, I know.

But hey, if not now, when?

Jean-Paul Sartre once dropped this gem: "Existence precedes essence."

It's a thinker. Are we suggesting that we just...exist, and then figure out the 'why' later? That sounds like waking up in a room and then trying to remember how you got there. Not fun.

Then there's Socrates, who mused, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

I've been doing my fair share of examining, and sometimes it feels like it's just leading to more questions. But isn't that the essence of growth?

Nietzsche, ever the provocateur, declared, "God is dead."

It's definitely a jarring statement, but after digging deeper, it's clear that he's pointing out our shifting moral landscape. He's not necessarily dismissing faith.

Looking East, Buddha and Lao Tzu had their own takes. They might not have labeled it existentialism, but they were onto something profound.

"Life's full of suffering", says Buddha, but then he offers a path out. It's a comforting thought.

Camus threw in his two cents with the concept of absurdity.

Life might seem meaningless, but that doesn't mean we can't find our own purpose. What a liberating perspective...

So, where does this leave me?

With an understanding that existentialism isn't about finding clear answers. I think it's about asking the right questions and being okay with a bit of ambiguity. I don't love ambiguity...

I want to control as much as possible. I think most people do.

But l
ife (and existence) is a journey that we all take, so I'm here for it, yet I'll never stop searching for clarity.

Because there's so much more to explore...

Deo volente.

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